18 June 21

Moving to the countryside

Moving to the countryside

Living in the countryside is, for many people, the absolute ideal. Do you dream of throwing open your curtains and drinking in the views of open farmland or forest-clad hillsides? Seeing acres of fields stretching before you or weekend walks along the river?

The lure of the countryside is nothing new of course, but in recent months, the thought of a rural idyll has become even more attractive. Desperate for open space, fresh air, perceived safety from the global coronavirus pandemic and a less suffocating feel compared with city living, we are seeing increased enquiries from those looking to move away from the city for a more peaceful existence, but still be within easy commuting distance of the nearest town.

As people turn their backs on city living, swapping bustling pavements for meandering lanes, and trading the FTSE for the farm, rural living is becoming more and more popular and we have plenty of suitable properties on our books if you are looking for a taste of the countryside.

There are some fantastic reasons to move to the countryside, especially in the Faversham area. Not least because you can get a true taste of rural living in a beautiful part of our country, and still be within commutable distance of the town.

Countryside Life is Becoming Desirable

City folk are indeed now seriously considering moving from the big urban centres to the quieter villages and towns. We are not at the stage where our cities are completely devoid of life, with broken flashing neon signs over cracked plate glass windows and the only sign of life the rubbish blowing in the wind! No, our cities are still busy and there are some superb properties available if you prefer to live in an active neighbourhood.

But it is true that people are moving to the country. With a large proportion of the population being forced to spend more time at home, it’s no wonder this area is popular as people take stock and think about what really matters to them.

For example, a large garden offers more space for the children to play, accessible countryside offers fresh air and mental health benefits, and larger, more affordable properties give the option for easy home working too.

Freedom and Space Helps Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to think about their commute and whether they really want to spend hours crushed against other people on crowded public transport. A move to the country offers space and freedom from people and the opportunity for you to work from home.

A village shop or library are likely to be less crowded than their counterparts in large cities. The village eatery or pub will also be less crowded, with possibly a better atmosphere and community feel too!

What’s Your View?

When you think of large towns and cities, you might think of tall buildings, glass-walled office blocks and cars. So many cars.

For some, that’s OK. But others like the fact they can see open spaces. Imagine if you could witness the sun rise over the hills or visit green parks and tree filled copses. It’s no wonder that so many are ditching the cities and hitching a lift to the countryside.

Are You Selling your Home?

At Foundation we understand that there is a huge desire to move to rural locations. But what if you already live in the countryside? Are you currently thinking of selling? If you have a house that is just right, then the market is there. Buyers are looking for a house like yours right now! You may be ready to move on, and someone else, perhaps living in a city, may well find your property is perfect for them.

Take Advantage of the Demand for Rural Property

If you are thinking of selling, then now could be exactly the right time for you to do so. With our recent research showing a spike in searches for rural hideaways, it would be silly not to take advantage of the situation. So if you are thinking of selling or buying in a rural area, start the ball rolling now.

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