10 December 21

Buying and selling property over Christmas

Buying and selling property over Christmas

It may seem unusual to some to sell a house over the festive period, however the post-Christmas home buying market is still very much active, with more and more people looking to buy or sell a property. On Rightmove last year there were 54% more visitors compared to the previous Christmas Day. This could be due in part because buyers have some free time over the winter break while sellers may want an opportunity for their homes to be seen by potential customers during these quieter holiday periods. With that said here are our top tips when it comes to buying and selling over Christmas.

A strong online presence is vital

You can’t afford to let your property go unnoticed over Christmas! Make sure it’s listed and visible on all the major portals (like Rightmove) this time of year. The best time to sell your home is over Christmas when people are on holiday and have more free time during these weeks, so they might start browsing for homes online at any moment – even if you’re not looking yet yourself.

We’re constantly busy during the holidays because statistically speaking; portal sites show there’s usually an increase on Boxing Day. Sellers need to take advantage of this.

It’s always a busy time of year for families, but why is this period so busy in the housing market? The number of new phones and tablets people are often gifted at Christmas may be a reason. After a long day of celebrating with family and friends, it is time to start planning for the new year.
New Year may just offer some fresh starts with homes – a fresh start might just make all your dreams come true – meaning any viewing appointments or moves will happen sooner rather than later if you do decide on a move soon enough.

Chilly Winter Weather

The benefits of buying or selling during Spring have been well documented, but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t take advantage of being able to see what your home will look like in winter. Sometimes it’s just as beneficial to view a property in winter as during summer when homes are at their most appealing.

Tip: When you can, viewings should be done in the daylight so that your true experience of a property is revealed. If it’s dark and there are grounds to explore on-site before nightfall, then this might not give an accurate enough impression of what life would be like if homeowners had their own space!

Eager to move

Those who are motivated to move in December and January are committed to doing so as quickly as they can. Make the most of this. It just might be the quickest sale you’ll ever have.

House hunting over the festive season can be a trying experience, but it does have its benefits. For one thing, you’re more likely to find houses that are available and new on the market- so if your seller has been waiting for their dream home this might give them an incentive.

Christmas is a great time to list and sell your property. Buyers tend towards buying quicker and if someone is looking for homes around this time of year, it generally means that they are motivated buyers who want to buy a property before they return to work.

Evergreen photography

Tip: Prevent your property photos from looking outdated. Use evergreen photos.
Plan ahead and request your agent to take photos of the property before any decorations go up. And preferably without snow. Even though your house may look prettier with the decorations and the snow, it will make the photos look dated if the house doesn’t sell instantly.

The new year is around the corner

As the new year approaches, a lot of people are feeling eager and excited. This is especially true for those who will be looking at buying and selling property.

Tip: Beat the new year’s rush. Register your listing well in advance.

Although not many viewings happen over Christmas, it’s still a good idea to be prepared for what’s to come. For many agents, January 2nd is one of the busiest days. A lot of sellers wait until after the new year. Don’t make this mistake! You will lose out on the busy online searches that happen between Christmas and the new year.

Pro Tip: Fewer sellers are listing their properties over Christmas. Fewer sellers equal less competition~

Make it happen – sooner than later

Tip: Don’t forget the time it takes for your house to go on the market.

A lot goes into preparing a listing to go to market. It involves preparing marketing material, taking photos, videos, floorplans, and more. It’s advisable to start now. Don’t sit on the fence and wait. Beat the competition.

At Foundation Estate Agents, we are currently running a ‘do not disturb’ campaign. This means we are preparing properties to market over the festive season. We then arrange for viewings to take place in the new year when households start returning to normal.

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