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Covering The Whole Of East Kent

Regional Coverage

We not only cover a huge range of different styles of property, we also cover an incredibly wide geographical area comprising much of East Kent and beyond. This puts us in contact with a tremendous number of buyers, many of whom are looking to move from the towns out to the villages or vice versa.

As we cover this vast area with one experienced team, we are able to introduce buyers to suitable properties in areas which they may have never even considered before. This cross-referral of buyers our clients to receive an effective coverage across East Kent and exposes them to far more genuine opportunities to attract a buyer.

There are larger, corporate agents who offer regional coverage, however, they tend to do so from a variety of locations, with separate teams. This often means that their individual staff can lack detailed market knowledge of other branches’ areas and properties. This can lead to many lost opportunities. Also, most incentivise their staff through personal commission which creates a strong desire for individuals to keep good quality buyers within their own branch rather than referring them to their colleagues in other neighbouring offices.

With Foundation Estate Agents, as a buyer, you will enjoy the continuity of dealing with the same team throughout your search in a variety of locations, whilst, as a seller, you can relax in the knowledge that you will benefit from a genuine coverage across East Kent.