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Town, Village & Distinctive Homes Across East Kent

Village Homes

Since 2007 we have built an excellent reputation for dealing with village and country properties across East Kent, through our Village Homes brand, undoubtedly the strongest within Foundation Property Services.

In our experience, buyers for village properties are looking for a certain lifestyle and will therefore search a far wider area to achieve their goal. Either they are looking for the peace and solitude of a remote, rural property or they wish to enjoy that strong sense of community, often only found within a close knit village.

Due to our extensive coverage and wide selection of homes within the village market we can often introduce these buyers to alternative properties in locations which previously they may never have considered.

Consequently, this regional approach creates additional sales opportunities for our vendors and gives us a far better selection of buyers for village properties than a local agent is likely to have. Furthermore, this approach has allowed us to build up a immense understanding of the village and rural market, allowing us to offer a broad level of experience and advice to sellers within our Village Homes brand.